R 1 699 000 - 2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Kensington
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R 1 699 000 - 2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Kensington

Upmarket Apartment - Prime Location.

A Symphony of Luxury: Unveiling the Elegance Within

In the heart of sophistication and urban charm lies a sanctuary of comfort and opulence – a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment designed to redefine the very essence of modern living. As one steps into this exquisite residence, a narrative of luxury unfolds, capturing the imagination and transcending the ordinary.

The dwelling begins its enchanting tale within the walls of two spacious bedrooms, meticulously crafted to provide a haven for tranquility and rejuvenation. The interplay of light and space fosters an atmosphere of serenity, creating a canvas upon which residents can paint their dreams.

The narrative reaches its crescendo in the form of a magnificent en suite bathroom, a sanctuary within a sanctuary. Bathed in opulent hues and adorned with modern fixtures, this private oasis becomes a testament to the commitment to luxurious living. Each detail is meticulously curated to elevate the daily routine into a ritual of self-indulgence.

Venturing further into this dwelling, the expansive dining area reveals itself as a stage for entertaining, inviting residents to host gatherings that linger in the memory of guests. A celebration of design and functionality, the chef's dream kitchen awaits, adorned with top-quality finishes that transform culinary pursuits into an art form.

The entire apartment dances with modern elegance, thanks to the porcelain tiles that grace every inch. This material not only adds a touch of contemporary sophistication but also symbolizes the practicality that underpins the entire design.

As the journey through this lavish abode continues, a private balcony emerges, offering breathtaking views that extend over the picturesque landscape, with Reddam School as the backdrop. This outdoor haven becomes a retreat, a place where one can reflect, unwind, and savor the beauty that surrounds.

Practicality meets convenience with the inclusion of two covered parking spaces and seamless elevator access. This ensures that residents can navigate their urban oasis effortlessly, embodying the essence of a refined and streamlined lifestyle.

Completing the symphony of amenities, the dwelling features on-site luxuries such as a daycare center and a fully equipped gym. These additions not only cater to the practical needs of residents but also contribute to the creation of a holistic living experience.

In conclusion, this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom masterpiece is not just an apartment; it is an ode to luxury, an essay in elegance. With every detail carefully considered, this dwelling transcends the conventional boundaries of living spaces, inviting residents to script their own narratives of opulence and style. To secure a glimpse into this captivating story, one need only reach out and schedule an appointment to witness the grandeur that awaits within.

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Property Features

Key Features

En Suite1
Floor Size91 m²
RatesR 1 355
LeviesR 1 663


Dining Areas1
Built-in Cupboards


Swimming Pool

Contact Agent

John Athanasiou
0824437945 WhatsApp


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Estimated Monthly Repayments

R per month
Loan Term 20 years Interest Rate 11.75%